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Our Mission & Values

TPM Solutions was founded in January of 2017.
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Every community throughout the United States has people in need. Central Florida, unfortunately, is no exception. From low-income people who struggle daily to provide for themselves or their family, to senior citizens trying to stretch their Social Security check to meet expenses, many of our neighbors are unable to afford the necessities required to live a life of dignity. You may have a roof over your head, but if it leaks because you can’t pay for repairs or replacement, it doesn’t provide adequate shelter.

TPM Solutions was founded on the approach of neighbors helping neighbors. We believe in giving friends a “hand-up” to support them in times of financial and/or personal challenge. TPM Solutions is a registered charity – section 501(c)(3) organization – dedicated to providing home maintenance and repair services to homeowners in financial need, as well as such personal services as house cleaning and grocery shopping to senior citizens. Please visit the Our Services page for a complete list of programs that benefit members of our Central Florida community.

What makes us different? We work directly with those who receive our services, on a one-on-one basis. Many times, we hear people say that they’d like to donate, but want to be sure their contribution will go directly to those it’s meant to help – not pay for overhead, plush administrative offices, or executive salaries. Whatever form your donation takes, be it time, money, or supplies, be assured that is exactly what happens! Should you volunteer, you will most likely meet those you will be assisting with repairs, cleaning, or other needs – and receive a gift of your own of their heartfelt gratitude.

Another difference is that TPM Solutions also reaches out to struggling small businesses with repair and upkeep services. We want to give you the tools to succeed – either literally, or figuratively, by being able to present an attractive appearance that draws customer traffic.

So if you want to get involved and make a difference in your community, TPM Solutions can provide you with the perfect opportunity! Contact us today!

If you are in need of our services, please do not wait any longer to get support and assistance. Everyone needs a hand-up sometime. Your neighbors are ready to help. Just keep our motto in mind:

Our promise: Is to do all the heavy lifting. We stand for; Honesty, Truthfulness, and Love. We will work with State and local governments to reach our goals. We will not leave you in despair. Tell us why you need our support. We told you why we need your support.  Don't doubt believe that this is for You!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Are my donations to TPM Solutions Tax Deductible under 501 (c) (3) code?
Yes! If more than $250 Dollars and the items are in good condition. Always provide a receipt or an appraisal of any items being donated.
How can I obtain a copy of TPM Solutions annual return?
Just call us during our normal business hours and we can arrange to have copies mailed to you. 
How can I volunteer at TPM Solutions?
Just submit the online form on our website.
Where is TPM Solutions nearest drop off locations?
TPM Solutions is in the process of establishing drop locations throughout Florida. Call us and we will pick up your gifts or donations to us. Please be sure your household items are in good condition.
What can I donate to TPM Solutions?
We accept your voluntary donations either by cash, checks, credit cards, gift cards, reward points transferred to gift cards, airline mileage transferred into gift cards, life insurance policies and contracts stocks and bonds, antiques, art, cars, and boats, you must have the title and properly sign it over to TPM Solutions. If available provide an appraisal or receipt. In order to receive a tax deduction you must itemized on your annual tax return. Donate now through our website. Mail your in your donation. Call us for further details.
Does TPM Solutions provide disaster relief efforts?
That's our goal as an organization.
Is TPM Solutions a religious organization?
No we are not. Our primary objective is to reach deep into our communities
How is TPM Solutions mission financed?
Primarily by your voluntary donations, by gifts, by grants and governmental agencies and through investment accounts.
How are funds from donations used?
See our Who we are page. Our goals, Our Mission, and Our Promise. We aim to support our low income communities.
Does TPM Solutions offer employment opportunities?
Yes! In our beginning stages we need volunteers. Volunteers must be 18 years old or older.
What type of clothing must a volunteer wear?
All volunteers must be able to lift 50lbs or more. All volunteers must wear modest attire on the work site. No shorts or t-shirts with logos will be allowed. T-shirts must be closed at all times. Volunteers must wear work boots. Volunteers must have a safety yellow vest and safety glasses. Gloves are optional. Please let the appropriate staff know of any medical conditions or limitations any volunteer(s) must have.
Can a volunteer bring lunch?
Yes! Only small containers will be allowed on thew or site. No large items will be allowed. Please leave larger items in your vehicle in order not to have the items searched by our staff. No profanity or alcoholic beverages will be allowed on the work site.

IRS Status Letter

Contact us to request a hard copy.

TPM Solutions Inc. is a Registered Charity.

Registration: CH51256
Expiration Date: March 28, 2023

(Information may be obtained by calling our toll-free number at 1-800-435-7352)
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